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Photogaphy and Digital Art

My digital compositions are computer generated and created from my own photography.  Some are multi-layered and include digital painting techniques. 

I am now a contributing writer and photographer for two Algarve lifestyle magazines and I am actively involved in organising art exhibitions with fellow artists  

All photos and digital compositions are for sale

Bob with new work 2.jpg
Sea gull framed.jpg
Almond blossom on wall.jpg
Sandunes framed.jpg

Some People would argue that a really good image does not need any enhancement or "manipulation" and whilst I have no problem with that concept there are times when one image can only say so much.

Both my interest in photography and the endless possibilities of digital editing/painting go beyond this potential limitation.

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A little bit about me

Having grown up and lived in the UK, I moved to Portugal as a young man, travelled a lot of the world, returned to London, fell in love with blues guitar and Italian food (among other things) along the way and now the lure of the good life in the sun has brought me back to Portugal.

My involvement with photography developed during my career as a graphic designer when computer software took over the industry. The preparation of artwork for print and digital applications meant that a large part of my work included careful retouching, colour adjustment and other processes of images. I only started to realize that I had a deeper interest in the subject when I had a proper camera in my hands and needed to learn how to use it and to achieve results. This is of course is an ongoing process and like graphic design, it has become another of my life's passions.

Oyster shells.jpg
Wooden beach walkway.jpg
Collage 400 x 500.jpg
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