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Digital rendering can really add extra character and expression to portrait photos by blending them with interesting textures and stylised graphics. Alternatively, creating "painted" effects are on the pallet of possibilities.

Self portraite - Abstract.jpg

Unwanted blemishes can be easily removed with a little digital make up

Who doesn't love a painting

As well as other painting techniques like vibrant ink, soft pastel or oil paint, images can be converted to a whole range of water colours.  Scroll through these samples for a taste of what can be achieved, from the soft to the bold

Bob - painting over hard mix.jpg
Silvia watercolour - split image
Silvia watercolour - split image

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Silvia watercolour - white background
Silvia watercolour - white background

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Silvia watercolour - White wall
Silvia watercolour - White wall

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Silvia watercolour - split image
Silvia watercolour - split image

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If you are interested in a unique artistic portrait for yourself, or maybe as a surprise for a friend, please drop me a line and let's start a conversation. 

We can either meet up and I take my own shots, or images can be supplied for me to work with (as long as the quality and resolution are good enough).

A style or painting technique can be selected from those shown on this page, or other suggestions can be explored. Whatever is the starting point, no two portraits will ever follow exactly the same process. The finished work will always be as unique as the subject.

Where l can, l will charge an affordable price, based on the person's budget and the complexities of the commission. l don't charge by the hour.




Unlike a conventional painting of a fixed size, the end result is a high resolution computer image that can be printed to any size, large or small on paper or other materials like canvas, wood, or even glass.
I will also supply a lower resolution image for personal use as a laptop screen shot, social media profile image etc.
l will retain the copywrite, of the original art, and this image cannot be used for any other purpose, sold, copied or distributed without my written permission

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Graciete 2.jpg

Original photo by Roger Fuller

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